State & Local Taxation

RSSM’s dedicated staff of state and local tax professionals keeps abreast of state and local developments.   As members of various accounting society state and local tax committees and government advisory panels, we are often asked to comment on proposed legislation as well as changes to tax forms.   No matter what jurisdiction you currently or anticipate operating in, we are able to analyze the impact that income, franchise, sales and use, payroll and employment taxes have on your business.

As part of this analysis we can:

  • Determine in which jurisdictions returns are required;
  • Advise regarding structures and transactions to minimize the multistate tax burden, and
  • Develop ways to minimize tax audits and assessments.

In today’s economic environment, state and local tax audits are more prevalent than ever.  Our team of professionals has vast experience handling tax audits and works with the various state and local governmental officials to help ensure a fair resolution.

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