RSSM is currently involved in fulfilling the accounting function for many of our clients. These businesses have outsourced their entire accounting function to us, while maintaining full control over cash and financial information.

Outsourcing offers timely, easy-to-access, reliable accounting systems. This ends the burden of maintaining your own software. Online help speeds you through accounting information inquiry functions accessed via E-mail or through the Internet.

We can coordinate a company’s bookkeeping, payroll, billing, collection, budgeting, taxes and more. This costs far less than creating an in-house accounting department. You save money on office space, salaries, benefits, etc. and obtain the expertise of our trained CPAs and accounting personnel.

We support our clients as they learn to use the various accounting programs. We also help determine your company’s accounting needs and how to maximize use of the various reports, budgets, analysis and other accounting information offered by the software. A variety of on-demand and preformatted reports are generated, including:

  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Trial Balances
  • General Ledgers
  • Accounts Payable Journals
  • Other Budgets, Analysis, Tax Projections, etc., Custom Designed
  • Analytical Reviews
  • Bank Reconciliations

In addition, we respond quickly to government inquiries and correspondence, coordinate the transfer agent processing of K-1’s and other related investor information, and handle any type of audit related to financial information.

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