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RSSM is one of over 250 independent member firms of MSI Global Alliance in more than 100 countries throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.  MSI member firms are among the most respected, English-speaking, full service professional services firms in their local marketplaces, and share a common desire to provide partner-led, personal, value for money solutions to the cross-border challenges faced by entrepreneurial, small to medium sized businesses.  MSI Global Alliance was formed in 1990 in response to the growing need for cross-border cooperation between independent, professional services firms. MSI has steadily grown to become a top ranked, leading international association.

Our international assurance services include gaining an understanding of each assignment in the context of the global marketplace, as well as the  required local standards.  Your RSSM audit and accounting team member will meet with you to design a service plan that meets with your approval before work commences. This approach recognizes the need to consider alternatives available in the international marketplace, such as risk and service strategies, convergence, regulatory compliance, and access to capital markets.  Financial statement audits are at the core of our international assurance services.

Our international taxation practice includes working with minimizing global taxes dealing with inbound and outbound transactions; structuring of foreign operations to consider controlled foreign corporations, passive foreign investment companies, check the box opportunities; corporate and individual international tax compliance, etc.

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