Tax Legislation

Revising the tax law has become almost an annual event; since 2001 there has been at least one new tax law every year. In such an environment of constant change, it can be challenging to stay informed.

The focus for the last several years has been on the need to completely reform our overly complicated tax code. As 2015 gets underway, there is a lot of rhetoric coming out of Washington discussing, once again, various plans for a tax law overhaul. It’s impossible to predict whether Congress will actually accomplish real tax reform. If the past is any indication of the future, it’s more likely that we will see several pieces of legislation in 2015, with each new law making minor changes to the tax code and adding to its complexity.

As legislation is passed, visit this website for the latest information on new tax rules. And contact us any time you have questions or need assistance with your tax planning.

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